A Guide for the Politically (and Geographically) Perplexed in LA County

We’ve long viewed the fragmented nature of local government and municipal services as a barrier to becoming adequately informed of important information as we travel from place to place, and city to city.

In a blog post at KCET.org, LA journalist and author DJ Waldie notes that even journalists are confused and unaware of the distinctions made between the different layers and authorities of local governments in the Los Angeles region.  Los Angeles County consists of 88 distinct cities, but some cities share services while certain cities have jurisdiction to provide services inside other cities.  Confused yet?

These dynamics are certainly not unique to the Los Angeles area, but they are particularly pronounced in LA which creates significant confusion for citizens and communities.  Indeed, the fragmented nature of municipal boundaries across the U.S. creates fundamental challenges for public agencies to adequately inform citizens and communities of public information that’s relevant to them.

At MassKnowtify, we view these problems in two related ways:

  • How do you find important localized information if you don’t know where to look?
  • How can you be connected to the most relevant information to your specific location?

The MassKnowtify platform solves these problems by enabling local government agencies to provide location-based alerts that are timely and relevant to a citizen’s location.  The resulting benefits are clear: public agencies achieving more effective public messaging and communication, and citizens and communities becoming better informed and more empowered.