The ALERT Toolkit: Best Practices in Public Alerting

At MassKnowtify, we have a deep understanding of the needs of public information professionals and the gaps that exist in how governments connect and engage with their constituents.  Our team has several years’ experience working with local government agencies and their communications professionals, and this experience has shaped the development of our platform.  And during our product development efforts, we’ve worked directly with public safety officials and public information officers to refine MassKnowtify to best meet the needs of our two distinct user groups: public agencies and citizens.

Through this process, we’ve observed a range of practices on how government communications are conducted at the local level.  We’ve taken this knowledge and developed the ALERT Toolkit to reiterate the best practices we’ve observed in working with local government agencies.

ALERT covers the entire life cycle of a public notification: Assess, Locate, Educate, React, Terminate.  All five stages are equally important, and neglecting even a single stage can undermine the messaging of an entire event.  In future posts, we will dive deeper into each of the five stages of the ALERT Toolkit.

Developing the ALERT Toolkit is integral to our mission of making communications between government and citizens more accessible, valuable, and effective.