Accela App Challenge Delivers Another Award to MassKnowtify

Today we’re excited to announce another competition award for MassKnowtify!  MassKnowtify is a prize winner in Accela Software’s Accela Construct App Challenge, which was a competition for apps that open up government data for citizens and enable citizens and businesses to connect with local governments.

Accela Software provides enterprise software solutions to federal, state, and local government agencies which enables them automate workflow, track information, and manage data for asset management, emergency response, permitting, planning, licensing, public health, and public works.

MassKnowtify is dedicated to making communications between government and citizens more accessible, valuable and effective, so we’re honored to receive this recognition from Accela and become a partner in their effort to improve the delivery and transparency of government services.

This is our third competition award in the past three months, and we’re thrilled to see momentum continuing to build as we share our vision for the MassKnowtify platform with wider audiences.  Stay tuned for more excitement!