When the Government Seems to Take Over Your Phone

Over at Re/code, popular tech columnist Walt Mossberg responds to a reader question on how to disable Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), the federal government’s alert system, which sends Amber Alerts and weather warnings to your phone even when it’s on silent mode.

At MassKnowtify, we’re building a highly customized experience for citizens to select the types of local government notifications that are relevant to them based on their current location. This type of experience engages citizens in a dramatically new way, driving citizens to “opt in” to their communities.

Federal Public Warning System: A Reality Check

Public warnings and notifications are inherently local matters and, therefore, best provided at the local level.  The clip below demonstrates the enormous challenge for the federal government to design a system that is used and consumed at the local level.


How the Internet will (one day) transform government

Clay Shirky delivered a TED Talk on the historical evolution of open source platforms and how they’ve made powerful changes to society through creating “cooperation without coordination.”  He explores how open source principles can be applied to modern day government and democracy.

One quote toward the end sums up his vision:

“There’s no democracy worth the name that doesn’t have a transparency movement.  But transparency is openness in only one direction.  And being given a dashboard without a steering wheel has never been the core promise a democracy makes to its citizens.”